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Hen Laying Eggs
Small Firing Tanks
Booby Traps - Pulling Trick Fireworks
Crackling Balls - Bag of 6
Signal Flares
Phantom Whistle - It Screams!
Snake Bag Assortment - 6 boxes of snakes
Champagne Party Poppers - Bag of 12
Magic Whip - Roll

Throw it! Squeeze it! Pop it! Step on it”  Fun for Everyone!

Box of 50

The hens head opens as it whistle and shoots red and green spark eggs!

The tank rolls on the ground and shoots flaming pellets with reports!  A favorite every year!

These are snappers are on a string that you pull apart.  Tie them to a door to give a startle!

Loud crackling effects and it emits bright colored sparks!  Bag of 6

These flares are a super bright White Strobing Light!  They are really neat!

What 4th of July celebration without marks on the drive way from snakes!?  3 boxes of black, and 3 boxes of colored.

Pull the string to send out lots of confetti!  Stock up for other celebrations!

396” roll that is a long trail of gold crackling excitement!  A lot like the old lady fingers in noise!

Available at Safe & Sane
Richland Stands
Available at Washington
Legal Stands
Friendship Pagoda

Open the box, take out the pagoda, lite it and it spins and expands into a larger taller pagoda!

Turbo Car

Small version of the race car every kid wants!  It’s motors fire sending it down any hard surface!  Can be played with after it’s shot off, great value!

Camo Crackers (Mandarin Red Cracker Snaps)

Large Fuseless Firecrackers That Let Out a Loud Bang When You Throw Them on The Ground. Each Box Contains 20 Snaps