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#1 Shark Brand Fountains

Tri-color, peacock, slivery glittering flower fountains.

Killer Bees Fountain

One of our best sellers! Green, red & silver fountain with 6 whistles.  Great item.  20 sec.

Large Cuckoo Cuckoo Fountain

10’ high.  2 loud fountains and a brilliant shower of sparks.

Moon Dance Fountain

10’ high. Don't let the size fool you. This fountain is, pound for pound,among the best performers Phantom has, with purple pearls and glittering crackling chrysanthemums.

9” HN-90 Fountain

Your choice of 4 different fountains with different  effects!

Happiness Fountain - 6 pack

An all time favorite!

9” Grizzly Fountain

4 different ones to choose from and each has a different effect!

Witch Doctor Fountain

A multi effect fountain!  It begins with red/green pearls, changing to gold glitter, then to white chrysanthemum.  The finale is a silver crackle with extra loud crackles!

Unicorn Fountain

One of our most popular items!  It lasts for 3 minutes and is a great value!  Green & Purple flitters to gold crackling to red and green crackle, to gold and green w whistle!

Vanish Fountain

It’s new!  

Mountain Fountain

Each named after impressive fountains, and each has it’s own awesome multi effects!  Sold individually.

Keg Party Fountain

Out of the top of the keg flows golden chrysanthemums with blue stars, red stars with white chrysanthemums and red and green crackling. The keg is getting near empty, then it flips over and the bottom springs a leak of crackling stars and ground spinners.

Firecracker Fountain

Starts with white sparks and delicate blue pearls. Loud crackle throughout the action that simulates the action and noise of a strip of firecrackers. Ends with delicate blue pearls are replaced with red and green pearls against a nice white spray.

10’ + high. 3.75 minutes long.  A great load. The longest lasting one we have! Different colors, long with gold, and 6 whistles.

Apache Firedance Fountain
Hasta La Vista Baby Fountain

It’s new again this year!

Core Reactor Fountain

Assorted color stars with silver crackle then sizzling flowers with blue stars and chrysanthemum finale.  1:13 Burn time

Mucho Grande Fountain

10’ +.  Gold leaf to tall popcorn & gold fish, to large tall popcorn.

Dragon Tears Fountain

10' +. Spectacular fish effect traveling pearls, and a crackling finale!

Mini Re-loadable Fountain

10' +. A 6 pack of reloadable mini fountain with assorted colors and effects.

Brew HaHa Fountain

Crackles, pine needles, pearls, chrysanthemums, whistles

Available at Safe & Sane
Richland Stands
Available at Washington
Legal Stands
Spring Festival Fountain

Powerful Springs of Multi-Color Pearls and Crackling Flower

Phantom Uproar Fountain

Fountain effects of red star with silver glitter / Green chrysanthemum with crackle.

Krakatoa Fountain

Nothing gets held back with this explosive eruption of red and blue stars with fringy flowers and then silver showers; red stars with crackling; green stars with yellow glitter then silver showers; green stars with crackling, orange stars with white chrysanthemum

American City Fountain

No description yet. New

Sliver of Silver Fountain

Small fountain of silver sparks in a dark sky.

Light of Liberty Fountain

Brilliant red, white and blue flame hand held fountain...

Golden Pine Forest Fountain

Begins with a mixture of red sparks and unique gold flitter sparks, resembling pine needles. It is then followed by alternating stages of silver spray and gold crackle and leaf sparks. Loud crackle and long lasting!

Gargantua  Fountain

Ghost Mansion Fountain

New - No info yet

Burn Baby Burn Fountain

This Fountain is 4 long minutes of Gold, Blue, Red, White, Green, Colors with Stars, Whistles, Pine-Needles, Palms & Crackling. The Finale Will Rock Your World!!!

Sword of Aragon

New - No info yet

Set it Off Fountain

New - Red Glitter Crackling; Green Blue Golden Crackling; Red Green Yellow Sunflower; Green Silver Chrysanthemum to Red Yellow White Flower.

Red Glitter Crackling; Green Blue Golden Crackling; Red Green Yellow Sunflower; Green Silver Chrysanthemum to Red Yellow White Flower.

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe (4 pack)

New - Multi color effect, featuring the color of the fountain package.

Hasta La Vista Fountain

New - 2 Minute burn time with lemon pearls and color chrysanthemums with a crackling finale.

Crazy Good Fountain

New -  

Vertigo Fountain

New -   

Masquerade Fountain

New -