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Jack in the Box Surprise

Red & green fountain with 6 colorful ground spinners that jump out & dance along the ground.

Twitter Glitter

5 to 10’ high.  Furious, power packed fountain with many whistles.  Red, green & gold.  20 sec.

25 Shot Saturn Missile Battery - 4 pack

31 to 75’.  Shoots out 25 whistling exploding shots.  Great item still.  30 sec.

100 Shot Magical Barrage

11 to 30’ high.  100 green, blue, & red shots into the air.  Then a giant rising column of crackling and glittering stars. No noise.  20 sec

Happy New Year

30’ high.  Gold fountain with gold, red, & green displays.  Quiet, no reports whistles.  30 sec

Haley’s Comet

31 to 75’ high.  9 comets that change for gold to silver.  Pretty.  12 sec.


11 to 30’ high.  4 to 10 Dazzling comets with 4 to 10 explosions.  Silver & gold.  15 sec.

Garden In Spring

31 to 75’ high.  7 shots; Red and Green Fountain effects with higher level Red and Green leaves.

Happy Fireworks 36 shot

31 to 75’ high.  Thin swirling red & green breaks.  Lots of reports.  60 sec.

Blue Stars

31 to 75’ high.  All blue color bursts with crackles, sparks & snaps.  25 sec.

Saturn Missile Battery - 100 shot

31 to 75' high. 100 shots of screaming and reports.  Very good.

Martin Bomber

31 to 75’ high.  200 gram cake with silver glittering tails to silver bouquets. 16 SHOTS

Bring It On

31 to 75’ high.   9 big colorful shots, with parachutes!  A great night item.

Gone Fishing

31 to 75’ high.   Starts with red, white and blue stars, with crackling stars, and a 3 shot finale.  High flyer!

Berserk 90 shot

Emits 82 shots of Red/ Green Stars with Reports. Finale 8 shots of Flashing Thunder

Battle of New Orleans

31 to 75’.  Green, red, blue & white, with reports.  87 shots!  Explosions, crackles, whistles, & comets.  

Fighting Creek

31 to 75’ high.   Crackling tail with multi color breaks, finale with large palm trees. Re-designed.

61 Shot Reporting Red

31 to 75’ in air.  Beautiful Colorful explosions, erupt 61 times.

61 Shot Bee Hive

31 to 75’ in air.  Lots of bee noises and 61 shots.

61 Shot Whistle Whirl Floral

31 to 75’.  61 shots of whistling, whirling comets.


31 to 75’. 19 shots.  New item, no info yet.

Prime Evil

31 to 75’. 19 shots.  Red tail to red peony with crackles, green to green, blue to blue, gold tail with multi color peony alternating and final 3-4 shots at the same time.

Red White and BOOM!

31 to 75’.  The performance alternates between three types of shots: a red pearl goes up and ends in a red peony break, a white pearl goes up and ends in a white peony break and a blue pearl goes up and ends in a blue peony break. All shots are fired with a good thump. This is a must for any show on the Fourth of July!

101st Air Borne

31’ to 75’ in air.  Many shots of parachutes with purple, green, blue, yellow and white smoke!

Black Whip

31’ to 75’ in air.  Starts as fountain followed by blue stars, flying fish, & crackling effect.

Pyro-Pandemonium 25 shot

31’ to 75’ in air.  Whistle whirls with alternating Red & Green breaks and crackles.

Shagadelllic Mojo

31’ to 75’ in air.  16 shots of Blue pearls with assorted color bursts and crackling tips!  Great new item!

Just Looking

31’ to 75’ in air. 25 shot.  Red & white tail to R&W bouquet, blue tail to blue stars, green tail to multi-color spinners with reports.  5 shots at a time!

Zoot Suit - 12 shot

31' to 75' in air. Alternating gold willow to red, gold willow to green, gold willow to purple, gold will to crackling.

Rock The House

31 to 75' in air. Attention grabbing show of alternating red crackling stars, green bouquet with crackling  tail and blue bouquets with crackling tail.  12 of the 36 shots in a huge finale!

Available at Safe & Sane
Richland Stands
Available at Washington
Legal Stands
Under Fire

31’ to 75’ in air.  Silver flying fish with blue stars, crackling whistle tail to reports, multi-colored stars, green glitter with purple stars and a finale of purple stars!

Who’s Your Daddy

31 to 75' in air. Whistling tail to reports & crackling flowers, whistling tail to red green palme with white flash and whistle, 6 shots at a time.  A breath taking finale!

Blue Hurricane

11 to 30’ high.  Intense blue breaks, 4-10 reports & whistles, then blue & white breaks.  50 sec.

61 Shot Silvery Eagle

31’ to 75’ in air.  61 shots with whistle and spinners. Great new item!

Money Pot / Palm Beach

31 to 75’ high.  16 Shots of Gold Willow with Blue & Gold Strobe, Red and Blue with Silver Strobe, Lemon with Silver Chrysanthemum, Brocade with Crackling.

Purple Rain

31 to 75’ high.  61 shots of purple pearl with green tail

90 Shot Gatlin Cannon

31 to 75’ high.  Furious volley of 90 shots with multi-color bursts ans reports!

Bad Habit

31 to 75’ high.  12 shots: Red tail to red Chrysanthemum w/Crackles.  Green tail to green Chrysantemum with crackles, Blue tail to Blue Chrysanthemum with Crackles.

Dirty Jobs

31 to 75’ high. Whistling tail to red/green bouquet with white flash and whistle. Chrysanthemum with Crackles.

Pimp Juice / Crown

31 to 75’ high.  Furious volley of 90 shots with multi-color bursts ans reports!


31 to 75’ high.  New no description yet.

12th Man

31 to 75’ high.  Green Peony, Golden Willow with Strobe, Golden Willow to Blue with Chrysanthemum, Last Three Shot Finale with Crackling Mine To Huge Break with Green Gold and Blue