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76 to 200’ in air.  2 red, 2 white, 2 blue of each.  1.75”  shells.  Best buy in stand, and the only place in the world to get them!.  6 sec. each.

Wolfpack High Performance Shell

76 to 200’ in air.  6 different shots.  Each shell description is on the top of the box.

Radical Recoil Shell

150 to 200’ in air.  12 different special effect shells with comet tails and extra large bursts.

Big Bad Ass Shells

150 to 200’.  2 1.75” shells wrapped together so that 2 explode together!

150 to 200’.   18 shells with many different effects.  Shells listed on the side of the box.

Silver Salute Show

76 to 200’. 3 Different Single Shot Tubes. 1-Power Barrage: Multi-Color Peony with Crackles. 2-Willow Barrage: Gold Willow with Crackles. 3-Green Brocade: Brocade Silver to Green.

76 to 200’.3 Different 3" Single Shot Tubes. 1-Raider: Unimaginable high sky sightseeing for Multi-Color Peony with Crackles. 2-Blast: A spectacular shell for Gold Willow & Crackles. 3- Assault: A spectacular shell for Red Dahlia.

#200 Shell Assortment
#500 Shell Assortment
Available at Safe & Sane
Richland Stands
Available at Washington
Legal Stands
Copperhead Shell

150 to 200’ in air.  12 different pyrotechnic masterpiece shells with ultra high trajectory.

Phantom X-3 Mortar Kit

150 to 200’ in air. 12 triple break mortar shells cover multiple color and effect combinations for a sky-filling display. Watch for multi-colored palm tree, chrysanthemum, crackle, spinners, color changing waves and peony break patterns!

12 Mortar Kit

150 to 200’.  Brocade Crown, Green Wave with Crackling, Chrysanthemum, Golden Willow to Red, Red Wave with White Glitter, Color Peony.  Every 12 fan needs one!

150 to 200’.   NEW

Black Pearl Shells - 24 shot

150 to 200’.   A pyro's dream, one of the best multi break shell artillery kits. An assortment of Multi-Break Reloadable Shells: 6-5 Break Shells; 6-4 Break Shells; 12-Triple Break Shells; 12-Double Break Shells.

Fear Artillery kit - 36 shot, 114 explosions